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Aura Awareness Day

Aura Awareness Day

International Aura Awareness Day is observed on the fourth Saturday of November each year. The day aims to raise awareness about the human energy field or aura, which is believed to be an electromagnetic field that surrounds the body and can provide insight into a person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual state.

The origins of International Aura Awareness Day are unclear, but it is believed to have been started by spiritual and holistic healing practitioners who seek to promote the benefits of aura awareness and understanding.

On this day, people may choose to participate in events or activities that focus on aura awareness, such as meditation or energy healing sessions, workshops, or seminars. They may also choose to learn more about the human energy field and its potential benefits for overall health and wellness.

While the concept of the aura may not be universally accepted in scientific circles, it remains an important aspect of various spiritual and holistic healing traditions, and International Aura Awareness Day serves as an opportunity to promote greater understanding and awareness of this topic.


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}  November 24, 2024
  Sunday, 03:11 am to 03:11 am
n  Fun Holidays, Health & Wellbeing

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