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Blue Christmas

Blue Christmas

“Blue Christmas” is a term used to describe a service or ceremony held on or around December 21st, which is the winter solstice, the longest night of the year. The service is often called the “Longest Night” or “Service of the Longest Night” and is typically held in Christian churches.

The service is intended to provide a space for those who are struggling with grief, loss, loneliness, or other difficult emotions during the holiday season. It is often held in recognition of the fact that the holiday season can be a difficult time for some people, and that not everyone experiences the holiday cheer and joy that is often portrayed in the media.

The service typically includes music, prayers, readings, and other rituals that acknowledge the pain and struggle of those in attendance. The colour blue is often used as a symbol of sadness or grief, and candles are lit to symbolize hope and the possibility of healing.

The “Blue Christmas” or “Longest Night” service can be a meaningful way for those who are struggling during the holiday season to find comfort and support in a community of people who understand their pain.


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}  December 21, 2023
  Thursday, 07:15 am to 07:15 am
n  Religion

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