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The hashtag #caturday is a popular trend on social media, particularly on Instagram and Twitter, where users post pictures, videos, and memes of their cats on Saturdays. The hashtag is a combination of “cat” and “Saturday” and is used to celebrate all things feline on the weekend.

The origin of the hashtag is not entirely clear, but it likely began as a way for cat lovers to share pictures and videos of their pets on a specific day of the week. Over time, it has become a popular trend, with thousands of posts using the hashtag every Saturday.

Many of the posts using the #caturday hashtag are cute or funny, featuring cats in silly poses or engaging in playful behaviours. Others are more artistic or creative, featuring cats in elaborate costumes or settings.

The hashtag has also been used by animal welfare organizations and shelters to promote cat adoption and raise awareness about the importance of caring for cats. Overall, #caturday has become a fun and lighthearted way for people to connect with each other over their shared love of cats.

Saturday but with cats!

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