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Education Technology Day

Education Technology Day

Education Technology Day, also known as EdTech Day, is a day that celebrates the use of technology in education. The day is typically observed on September 23rd and is a time to recognize the important role that technology plays in modern education.

The goal of Education Technology Day is to highlight the benefits of using technology in the classroom, including the ability to improve access to educational resources, enhance student engagement, and facilitate personalized learning. On this day, educators and technology experts come together to share best practices, discuss emerging trends, and showcase innovative new technologies that are being used in education.

Many schools and educational institutions celebrate Education Technology Day by organizing events, workshops, and seminars that focus on the use of technology in education. These events may include demonstrations of new educational technologies, discussions on the latest trends in EdTech, and training sessions for teachers and administrators on how to effectively integrate technology into the classroom.

The increasing role of technology in education has led to the development of a thriving EdTech industry, which is dedicated to creating new technologies and tools that can support teaching and learning. Education Technology Day provides an opportunity to celebrate the contributions of the EdTech industry and to raise awareness of the potential benefits that technology can bring to education.


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}  September 23, 2023
  Saturday, 10:44 am to 10:44 am
n  Fun Holidays, Education & Awareness

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