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International Migrant’s Day

International Migrant’s Day

International Migrants Day is observed annually on December 18th to raise awareness about the contributions of migrants to society and to promote the protection of their rights. The day was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2000.

The world is home to millions of migrants, who move from their home countries for various reasons, including economic, social, and political reasons. International Migrants Day is an opportunity to recognize the importance of their contributions to their host countries and the challenges they face in the process.

The day is marked by a variety of events and activities, including educational programs, cultural festivals, and forums aimed at raising awareness about the issues faced by migrants. These may include discussions on migrant rights, efforts to combat discrimination and xenophobia, and initiatives to promote integration and inclusion.

International Migrants Day is an important reminder that migrants make valuable contributions to society, and their rights should be protected and respected. The day serves as a call to action to address the challenges facing migrants and to create more opportunities for them to thrive and succeed in their host countries.


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}  December 18, 2024
  Wednesday, 08:08 am to 08:08 am
n  World Events

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