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International Strange Music Day

International Strange Music Day

International Strange Music Day is an annual observance that takes place on August 24th each year. This holiday is all about celebrating and embracing strange, experimental, or unconventional forms of music.

The origins of International Strange Music Day are unclear, but it is believed to have been started by musician and composer Patrick Grant in 2002. Since then, the holiday has gained popularity and is now celebrated by music enthusiasts and fans around the world.

On International Strange Music Day, people are encouraged to listen to and share music that is unusual, unconventional, or experimental. This can include avant-garde, electronic, or other forms of music that push the boundaries of traditional genres. Some people also choose to create their own strange music or attend concerts and performances that feature unusual or experimental music.

The goal of International Strange Music Day is to encourage people to explore different forms of music and to challenge traditional notions of what music should be. By celebrating strange and unconventional music, people can gain a greater appreciation for the wide range of creative expression that exists in the world of music.

Whether you are a musician, a music lover, or simply curious about exploring new and unconventional forms of music, International Strange Music Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the weird and wonderful world of experimental music.


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}  August 24, 2023
  Thursday, 09:16 pm to 09:16 pm
n  Fun Holidays, Music

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