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Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday

Mother’s Day is a holiday celebrated annually in many countries around the world. The holiday honours mothers and mother figures for their role in raising and nurturing children.

The modern version of Mother’s Day originated in the United States in the early 20th century and was established as a national holiday in 1914. It has since spread to many other countries, where it is celebrated in various ways, often with gifts, cards, and special meals or outings.

In many cultures, Mother’s Day is considered a time to express gratitude and appreciation for the love, care, and sacrifices that mothers make for their children. It is also a time to remember and honour the memory of mothers who have passed away.

Celebrations of Mother’s Day can vary widely depending on cultural and regional traditions. Some common customs include giving gifts such as flowers or chocolates, preparing special meals or brunches, and spending time with family. Many people also choose to write cards or letters expressing their appreciation and love for their mothers.

Overall, Mother’s Day is a special day to recognize and honour the important role that mothers play in our lives and to express gratitude for their love and support.

Celebrating mothers everywhere #motheringsunday

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