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National Cartoonists Day

National Cartoonists Day

National Cartoonist Day is an annual observance in the United States that is celebrated on May 5th. The day recognizes and honours the contributions of cartoonists to American culture and society, and acknowledges the important role that cartoons play in conveying political, social, and cultural messages.

Cartoonists have been an integral part of American culture for many decades, producing work in a wide range of mediums, including comic strips, editorial cartoons, animations, and graphic novels. Their work often reflects the social and political issues of their time, providing insightful commentary on the events and attitudes of the day.

National Cartoonist Day was first observed in 1997 in honour of the 100th anniversary of the publication of the first colour cartoon in the Sunday newspaper supplement, The Yellow Kid. The day is now celebrated annually by cartoonists, fans, and enthusiasts alike, with events and activities held around the country.

On National Cartoonist Day, people are encouraged to celebrate the contributions of their favourite cartoonists and to recognize the importance of cartoons in shaping public opinion and cultural trends. This may involve attending a cartoon exhibit or workshop, participating in a drawing contest, or simply sharing and enjoying their favourite cartoons with others.

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}  May 05, 2024
  Sunday, 04:55 pm to 04:55 pm
n  Arts & Entertainment

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