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National Roots Day

National Roots Day

National Roots Day is a day to celebrate and honour one’s ancestry, heritage, and cultural roots. It is a day to reflect on one’s family history, traditions, and the ways in which one’s cultural background has influenced their identity and life experiences.

On National Roots Day, people may engage in activities such as researching their family history, sharing stories and memories with family members, exploring their cultural traditions, and learning more about their ancestors and cultural heritage.

The holiday was created to encourage people to connect with their cultural roots and celebrate the diversity of the United States. It is a day to acknowledge and honour the contributions of ancestors who have shaped our history and society, and to recognize the importance of cultural diversity and heritage.

Overall, National Roots Day is an opportunity to celebrate the richness and diversity of our cultural heritage and to strengthen our connections to our past, present, and future.


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}  December 23, 2023
  Saturday, 05:19 am to 05:19 am
n  Education & Awareness, Fun Holidays, History

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