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World Porridge Day

World Porridge Day

World Porridge Day is an annual event celebrated on October 10th every year. The day was established in 2009 to raise awareness of the importance of porridge as a nutritious, sustainable, and affordable food.

Porridge is a dish made by boiling oats or other grains in water or milk. It is a popular breakfast food in many parts of the world, and it is known for its high nutritional value, low cost, and versatility.

World Porridge Day is celebrated by organizations and individuals around the world who work to combat hunger and malnutrition. The day is a reminder of the power of porridge as a tool to fight hunger and promote healthy eating habits.

Many events are held on World Porridge Day to raise funds and awareness for organizations that provide porridge and other nutritious foods to those in need. These events may include porridge-making competitions, charity runs, and community breakfasts.

World Porridge Day also serves as a reminder of the importance of sustainable agriculture and food systems. Oats and other grains used to make porridge can be grown in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, and porridge can be made with locally sourced ingredients, reducing the environmental impact of food production and transportation.

Overall, World Porridge Day is an important day that raises awareness of the power of porridge to promote good nutrition and combat hunger. It is a reminder of the importance of sustainable food systems and the need to ensure that everyone has access to healthy, affordable food.


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}  October 10, 2023
  Tuesday, 12:48 am to 12:48 am
n  Fun Holidays, Food

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