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Random Acts of Poetry Day

Random Acts of Poetry Day

Random Acts of Poetry Day is an annual observance that takes place on the first Wednesday in October. The day encourages people to express themselves through poetry and to share their love of poetry with others.

Random Acts of Poetry Day was first established in 2011 by the organization 100 Thousand Poets for Change, which seeks to promote social and environmental justice through poetry and the arts. The day is a way to celebrate the power of poetry to inspire, provoke, and unite people around the world.

On Random Acts of Poetry Day, people are encouraged to write, share, and perform poetry in unexpected places and to unexpected audiences. This may include reading poetry in public spaces, leaving poems in random places for others to find, or organizing impromptu poetry readings with friends and colleagues.

The day is also an opportunity to explore the many forms of poetry and to appreciate the diversity of voices and perspectives represented in the world of poetry. It highlights the ability of poetry to break down barriers, connect people across cultures and generations, and inspire meaningful change.

Overall, Random Acts of Poetry Day is a celebration of the power of poetry to transform lives and communities, and a reminder that poetry can be found in unexpected places and expressed in many different ways.


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}  October 02, 2024
  Wednesday, 09:37 am to 09:37 am
n  Fun Holidays, Arts & Entertainment, Education & Awareness

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