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Science Fiction Day

Science Fiction Day

Science Fiction Day is a day dedicated to celebrating science fiction as a genre of literature, film, and art. It is celebrated annually on January 2nd. The date of January 2nd was chosen because it is the birth anniversary of famous science fiction writer Isaac Asimov.

On this day, fans of science fiction gather to discuss their favourite books, movies, and TV shows. Many bookstores, libraries, and museums organize special events and exhibits to celebrate the day. Some people also dress up as their favourite science fiction characters or attend screenings of classic science fiction films.

Science Fiction Day is a great opportunity to explore the imaginative and thought-provoking world of science fiction and to celebrate the creativity and ingenuity of science fiction writers and filmmakers.


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}  January 02, 2024 to January 03, 2024
  Tuesday, 11:19 am to 11:19 am
n  Fun Holidays, Arts & Entertainment

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