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Scottish Wildcat Day

Scottish Wildcat Day

Scottish Wildcat Day is a special day celebrated annually in Scotland to raise awareness about the critically endangered Scottish wildcat, which is one of the rarest cat species in the world. It is typically observed on August 8th.

The Scottish wildcat is a native species to Scotland and is sometimes referred to as the “Highland Tiger” due to its striped fur pattern. However, the Scottish wildcat is facing severe threats to its survival, including habitat loss, hybridization with domestic cats, and illegal hunting.

Scottish Wildcat Day aims to educate the public about the importance of conserving the Scottish wildcat and its habitat. It also provides an opportunity for wildlife conservation organizations and groups to raise funds for research and conservation efforts.

Events on Scottish Wildcat Day may include guided walks, talks by experts, children’s activities, and fundraising activities. The day is also a chance for people to learn about the history and culture of Scotland’s wildcats and the important role they play in the country’s natural heritage.


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}  August 08, 2024
  Thursday, 11:08 pm to 11:08 pm
n  Nature & Environment, Fun Holidays

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