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Show & Tell At Work Day

Show & Tell At Work Day

Show and Tell at Work Day is an annual observance that encourages employees to share their interests and hobbies with their colleagues. It is celebrated on January 8th every year.

The day was created to promote camaraderie and build stronger connections between coworkers. It is a fun and interactive way for employees to get to know each other outside of their work-related tasks and responsibilities.

Celebrating Show and Tell at Work Day can involve bringing in personal items or mementoes that represent a hobby, passion, or interest. Employees can then share their items and stories with their colleagues, fostering conversation and connection.

Show and Tell at Work Day is also a great way to showcase the unique talents and skills of employees. It can be an opportunity to discover hidden talents or interests among coworkers, which can lead to new collaborations and opportunities for growth and development.

Overall, Show and Tell at Work Day is a lighthearted and fun way to promote social interaction and strengthen relationships in the workplace. It is a reminder to take time to get to know our colleagues and appreciates the diverse interests and talents that make us unique.

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}  January 08, 2024
  Monday, 05:18 am to 05:18 am
n  Fun Holidays, Business

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