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“The Duchess” Who Wasn’t Day

“The Duchess” Who Wasn’t Day

Margaret Wolfe Hungerford is celebrated every year on August 27th, which is also known as “The Duchess Who Wasn’t Day.” Margaret was a popular Irish novelist who wrote under the pen name “The Duchess” in the United States–also the name of her most popular book, published in 1887. Margaret is responsible for the popular phrase “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” found in her book Molly Bawn.

The Duchess had at least 57 works attributed to her name, but many more were published anonymously and as Mrs Hungerford (a pseudonym). She also wrote many newspaper articles.

The Duchess Who Wasn’t Day is celebrated every year on August 27th to recognize Margaret’s life, times, and works. No one knows why August 27 was picked as the day to celebrate this remarkable woman, who wasn’t born or died on that day.


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