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Town Criers Day

Town Criers Day

Town Crier’s Day is a holiday celebrated on July 8th to honour the ancient profession of town criers. Town criers were public servants who were responsible for making important announcements and declarations in the days before newspapers, radios, and televisions. They would typically wear distinctive uniforms and use a loud voice to announce news and events to the people in their community.

On Town Crier’s Day, people celebrate this historic profession and recognize the important role that town criers played in the past. Some towns and cities even hold events and parades to honour their local town criers. These events may include town crier competitions, where town criers from different areas compete to see who has the loudest and most impressive voice.

Town Crier’s Day is also a reminder of the importance of public communication and the role that clear, concise announcements and messages can play in a community. In an age where information is constantly being shared through digital channels, Town Crier’s Day is a chance to reflect on the value of traditional forms of communication and the important role that they continue to play in our society.


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}  July 08, 2024
  Monday, 11:08 pm to 11:08 pm
n  Fun Holidays, History

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