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World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day is a global observance held on February 4th each year. It is an initiative led by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) to raise awareness about cancer, promote education, and encourage action to prevent, detect, and treat the disease. The main goal of World Cancer Day is to reduce the global burden of cancer by promoting strategies that can help prevent cancer, improve access to screening and early detection, enhance treatment options, and support the well-being of cancer patients and survivors.

The day serves as a platform to share information about cancer prevention, risk factors, early detection, and treatment options. It aims to dispel myths and misconceptions surrounding cancer, promote healthy lifestyle choices, and encourage regular screenings.

World Cancer Day also emphasizes the importance of supporting those affected by cancer, including patients, survivors, and their families. It encourages understanding, empathy, and the creation of supportive networks to ensure that no one faces cancer alone.

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}  February 04, 2024
  Sunday, 05:17 am to 05:17 am
n  Education & Awareness, Health & Wellbeing

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