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World Consumer Rights Day

World Consumer Rights Day

World Consumer Day is an annual event that is observed on March 15th to raise awareness about consumer rights and promote consumer protection worldwide. The day was first observed on March 15th, 1983, and has since become an important event for consumer organizations and advocates around the world.

The main objective of World Consumer Day is to educate consumers about their rights and responsibilities and to encourage governments, businesses, and organizations to respect and protect those rights. The day is also an opportunity to highlight issues and challenges that consumers face, such as unsafe products, unfair business practices, and inadequate access to information and services.

Each year, World Consumer Day has a different theme, and past themes have included “Building a Digital World Consumers Can Trust,” “Making Digital Marketplaces Fairer,” and “Consumers for Fair Development.”

Many organizations and consumer groups around the world organize events and activities to mark World Consumer Day, such as seminars, workshops, and public awareness campaigns. These events aim to empower consumers and promote their interests, while also holding businesses and governments accountable for their actions.

Overall, World Consumer Day serves as an important reminder of the importance of protecting consumer rights and promoting fair and transparent business practices, and of the need for ongoing advocacy and awareness-raising efforts to ensure that these objectives are achieved.


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}  March 15, 2024
  Friday, 12:06 am to 12:06 am
n  Business, Education & Awareness, World Events

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