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World Piano Day

World Piano Day

Piano Day is an annual holiday celebrated in March, which is dedicated to the piano, its history, and its role in modern culture. It was founded in 2015 by pianist and composer Nils Frahm, who wanted to create a day for people around the world to celebrate the piano’s unique and versatile qualities.

The piano is one of the most popular and widely played musical instruments in the world, and Piano Day provides an opportunity for people of all ages and skill levels to come together to share their love for the piano. Many events and activities are organized around the world to mark the occasion, including concerts, workshops, masterclasses, and jam sessions.

One of the unique features of Piano Day is the “Piano Day Playlist,” which is curated by Nils Frahm and other pianists and features a selection of their favourite piano pieces from various genres and eras. The playlist is available for free streaming online and has become a popular resource for piano enthusiasts and music lovers around the world.

Piano Day is not only a celebration of the piano’s rich history and cultural significance but also a reminder of its potential for creativity and self-expression. Whether you are a professional pianist or just starting to learn the instrument, Piano Day is a great opportunity to connect with others who share your passion for music and the piano.


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}  March 28, 2024
  Thursday, 01:32 pm to 01:32 pm
n  Arts & Entertainment, Music

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