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World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day is a global celebration of poetry that takes place on March 21st every year. It was established by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1999, with the goal of promoting the reading, writing, and teaching of poetry around the world.

The day is an opportunity to recognize the important role that poetry plays in promoting cultural dialogue, creativity, and expression, as well as in celebrating the diversity of the human experience. It is a chance to bring attention to the beauty and power of poetry, and to encourage people to explore and appreciate different poetic traditions from around the world.

On World Poetry Day, many events are held to celebrate poetry and poets, including poetry readings, recitations, and competitions, as well as workshops and seminars on writing and interpreting poetry. UNESCO also selects a new city to be designated as the World Poetry Day Capital each year, where special events and activities related to poetry are organized.

Overall, World Poetry Day is a time to celebrate the universal appeal of poetry and its ability to connect people across cultures, languages, and backgrounds, as well as to inspire creativity and imagination in all who engage with it.

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}  March 21, 2023
  Tuesday, 03:13 pm to 03:13 pm
n  Arts & Entertainment, Education, Fun Holidays, World Events

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