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World Theatre Day

World Theatre Day

“World Theatre Day” is an annual holiday that celebrates the art and craft of theatre around the world. This day is celebrated on March 27th each year and was first initiated by the International Theatre Institute (ITI) in 1961.

The goal of “World Theatre Day” is to raise awareness about the value and importance of theatre as a unique and powerful form of artistic expression. It also aims to promote international exchange and collaboration among theatre professionals and to highlight the role that theatre plays in promoting cultural diversity and understanding.

On this day, theatre companies and organizations around the world organize a variety of events, such as performances, workshops, lectures, and exhibitions, to celebrate the art of theatre. This may include plays, musicals, and other performances, as well as discussions and workshops on theatre-related topics.

The theme of “World Theatre Day” changes every year, and it is selected by the ITI in collaboration with theatre professionals from around the world. Past themes have included “Theatre as a builder of bridges”, “Theatre for Peace and Harmony”, and “Theatre and the world of tomorrow”.

Overall, “World Theatre Day” is a celebration of the art and craft of theatre, as well as an opportunity to promote cultural exchange and understanding. It serves as a reminder of the power of theatre to inspire, challenge, and unite people from all walks of life.

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}  March 27, 2024
  Wednesday, 06:09 pm to 06:09 pm
n  Arts & Entertainment, Music, World Events

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