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Worldwide Candle Lighting Day

Worldwide Candle Lighting Day

World Candle Lighting Day is an annual event observed on the second Sunday of December to honour and remember children who have died from any cause. The day is also known as the Worldwide Candle Lighting, and it’s a time for families, friends, and communities to come together to remember those they have lost.

The event was first organized in 1997 by The Compassionate Friends, a nonprofit organization that provides support to families who have experienced the death of a child, grandchild, or sibling. The event has since spread around the world and is observed in many countries.

On this day, people are encouraged to light candles at 7:00 p.m. local time, creating a wave of light that spreads across the globe for 24 hours. The act of lighting candles is a symbol of hope, remembrance, and healing, and it’s a way for people to connect with others who have experienced similar losses.

The Worldwide Candle Lighting event is a powerful way to remember and honour children who have died and to support those who are grieving. It provides an opportunity to connect with others, share stories, and find comfort and hope in a time of sadness.


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}  December 08, 2024
  Sunday, 02:06 pm to 02:06 pm
n  World Events

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